What You Need to Know About Accountancy

What You Need to Know About Accountancy

An Accountant is an expert practitioner who is well versed in accountancy. Accountants are skilled at keeping books for companies, individuals, non-governmental organizations or respective authorities.

As part of their job, they’re charged with the duty of developing and also controlling the accounting system, which is required to record various transactions of businesses, trade and transfer finances both in and out of the company. The data documented and saved by these systems help the decision maker (who in many cases is the manager or the shareholder) of the company to make the best decision regarding the flow of finances and other resources. The same data can be used by tax regulators to ensure tax compliance by businesses.

The different kinds of accounting that exist in the field

As an industry associated with business management, there are many subdivisions. Over time, the dynamic nature of the business community has caused the development of new areas within the field; as a means of keeping up with the ever-increasing accounting needs of the company and management community that also differ.

Financial accounting and reporting

As the name suggests, this particular type is associated with the development of reports that are meant for external use. The reports are produced as financial statements. Generally, the data on these financial reports include past performance of the business as well as the current financial status of the company. Creation of the reports is carefully guided by different accounting conventions, regulations as well as accounting specifications that have to adhere all along.

Forensic accounting

This form of accounting involves aspects of accounting and studies, put together to detect financial scams and to find the financial loss sustained during a transaction; with facts used in court cases. The primal approaches and abilities used in this industry include auditing, accounting, and logical experience.

Tax accounting

Tax accounting is among the most popular types of accounting services. Essentially, the accounting service provided here is associated with tax obligation by individuals and businesses. The financial statements prepared in this situation, are based on the set guidelines of a particular jurisdiction (since every legal system has its own tax laws and regulations). The statement is used to calculate the tax liability that someone has.

Management accounting

Management accounting is conducted with the primary focus being on internal use of the report for management reasons. Internal reports are given more financial information designed to boost the management of the organization, development of strategic plans and most importantly development of the company’s budget. A great example of management accounting is cost accounting; which tracks and controls operational cost.

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